A Brighter Glow now offers a comprehensive gas barbecue grill service!

Cleaning includes the following cleaning, degreasing and detail work on:


Rotisserie racks



Control knobs

Pull-out trays

Drip pans


Grill racks

Our service will:

  • make your BBQ look like new
  • remove harmful grease, chemicals and charred food particles
  • reduce grill fires and improve cooking
  • repair grills that aren't working properly or have parts that have gone out

In the immediate Denver metro area, the cost to clean and service a BBQ grill is $235.00. For larger grills, the cost may be higher. Parts replaced are extra cost. WE HAVE DISCONTINUED BBQ GRILL CLEANING WINTER DUE TO COLD WEATHER--AND DUE TO OUR BUSY SEASON WITH FIREPLACE SERVICE AND REPAIR. CALL US SPRING 2020 AND WE'LL GET YOUR GAS BBQ GRILL LOOKING LIKE NEW!

We also have a BBQ grill cleaning brush we sell that is revolutionary in cleaning your grill! It's called the Ice Grill Brush! There isn't another brush like it on the market and it lasts up to a lifetime! Click here